What If It's NOT Depression?

Your Guide to Finding Answers and Solutions

Is depression REALLY the cause of your symptoms?

You might be tired, have trouble sleeping and thinking, feel down or stressed out, or have lost your edge. You might also be plagued by many other physical symptoms. So you see your doctor who runs tests and tells you that everything is normal, that you're likely depressed, hands you a prescription for an anti-depressant, and/or refers you to a psychiatrist. Your heart of hearts truly believes that you're NOT depressed, but you don't know WHAT is causing you to feel this way.

This book is for the person who wants to know WHY they are suffering, whether or not they are truly depressed, to learn if taking an antidepressant is the right thing for them and to figure out what to do next, if not.

*Figure out whether you're really depressed or not, and what's ACTUALLY causing you to feel this way,
* Get you off that emotional roller coaster
* Clear up that brain fog and increase your energy and vitality
* And ultimately avoid being stamped with a life-long mental illness and potentially years of medication
** BONUS: add quality years to your life


 “A must read if you are fatigued or simply don't feel well, have been told your labs are normal and that you are depressed, but in your heart of hearts know that you are not depressed. Dr. Stein is a leader in her industry in regaining optimal health, marrying the fields of traditional medicine, functional medicine, and psychotherapy. A true healer.”


— Rajka Milanovic Galbraith, MD, IFMCP